Censorship is a wonderful thing which can be useful to block out some sensitive images or information, but sometime it can go wrong, and in a funniest way. Here are 25 unnecessarily censored photos we found from the interent, enjoy!

  1. Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer’s Staff
  2. L.L. Pork & Beans
  3. Obama Llama Ding Dong
  4. It’s a Game of Inches
  5. A Wolf in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Tush
  6. Off to the Sideline for a Quick Blow
  7. Putin on a Show
  8. Wrestling with Your Inner Demons
  9. Hulk Smashed!
  10. Free the Back Boobs
  11. Foul Balls
  12. 2 Guys 1 Ball
  13. Haunted Trousers
  14. Minnie Meltdown
  15. Reaching the Finish Line
  16. The Pope Life Chose Him
  17. Fore Play
  18. To the Victor Go the Spoils
  19. Cuckoo for Cocoa Yuck!
  20. Swimming Upstream
  21. A Race to the Finish
  22. Freeing Willy
  23. Ball Two!
  24. Do You Remember the Time?
  25. The Dirty Side of Disney

source: Ranker